Lessons Learned

The results are worth the struggle...

"Every failure is a step to success"

HAPPY CLIENTS, HAPPY MELUHKITCHEN. Baking cakes all by yourself and decorating them afterwards is not an easy task, especially when your amount of clients becomes larger and larger. Melanie has confronted all sorts of inconveniences throughout her journey. Cakes have arrived broken to clients' homes, some orders have not arrived on time, some designs haven't come out as they were expected by the clients, recipies have had to be changed, ans the list goes on. However, nothing changes the fact that it is all worth it. There is no better feeling than putting a smile on your clients' faces. Meluhkitchen's clients have always said great comments about their work and give back nothing but pure gratefulness and wonderful pictures. Meluhkitchen's purpose has and will always be to make their clients happy and satisfied, but most of all to make them enjoy their product and want to order more and more.

Everytime Melanie has gotten to go through some struggles, she has stayed optimistic and always remembers to think about the outcome...a happy client with a tasty cake. What better than eating an exquisite dessert, beautiful inside out.

What Melanie can tell you from experience: