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This is Henry Dawson. The teddy bear of the company. He is 35 years old and has 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship. He was born in Texas and has 3 older siblings. Throughout his whole life he has been interested in managing businesses and undertaking ventures. Henry has the highest position in the company. He is in charge of supervising and giving orders to the rest of the staff. Henry has formed part of our company since 2011, and he will continue to be our boss until further notice.

This is Peter Vancouver. He is a 22 year old elephant with lots of experience in programming. He is a very technological guy. He was born in Canada during 1999. Since he was a kid, his parents have encouraged him to follow his passion for electronics. Peter is in charge of all kinds of computer management in our company's business. His main job is to make sure that our online program is running accurately and that there are no flaws in it. Peter has been part of this company for five years.

This is Stella Bickingham. Stella was born in 1998, at Los Angeles. She is 23 years old and has 5 years of experience in graphic design. Stella has been a huge fan of art and design since she was a little kid. Throughout her whole life, she has been putting into practice her skills and has gotten to become a lot better at what she does. She is the one you should congratulate if you ever see our web pages and like the way they look. Stella has always been a really creative hippo. She has been part of this company for three years. We cannot wait to see what else she's got to show us with her talent.

This is Belinda Starks. The fourth member of our company. Belinda was born in Texas. She is Henry's younger cousin and at only 21 years old, she has an incredible amount of experience in financial administration. Belinda has loved numbers throughout her whole life. She has won many prizes in different contests about finances. She has been part of our company for two years and has always shown lots of integrity. She is a very mature giraffe and has always demonstrated her passion for business.