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About the founder...

Melanie de Salguero:

Melanie de Salguero is a passionate pastry chef who loves sharing her virtues through the art of baking and decorating. It all began in 2019, when all she wanted was to bake and decorate a beautiful cake for her daughter's birthday. Little did she know that for the following years, her cakes would become a major success. To this day she is very well known by friends, clients and family not only for decorating buttercream cakes in a very unique way, but also for baking desserts out of this world.

More about Melanie...

Her biggest inspirations.

"My children"

"God's Miracles"

"My passion for baking"

All you need to know about Meluhkitchen

Cakes, desserts, and a sparkle of joy.

Have you been looking for the perfect cake to celebrate? Meluhkitchen is the answer. Meluhkitchen offers an infinite variety of cake designs for your special celebrations. From a very minimalistic cake to the most artsy cake you can ever imagine, Meluhkitchen can guarantee you will love your personalized cake. You choose your design, they put it into a masterpiece. Each and every single one of these cakes is made with so much love and passion. They all get home with an incredible touch of creativity, coming from the genius herself, Melanie.

Creativity is key. Not one single cake done by Meluhkitchen has ever been made the exact same as another one. All of them are special, and each of them has a magic, indescribable touch.


"Your cakes are actual pieces of art", states one of Melanie's most frequent clients.

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